Sheep vs Goats

Sheep vs Goats

Today, on Christ the King Sunday, Pastor Wayne takes us through a profound reflection on the final judgment from Matthew’s Gospel. As we wrap up the church year, we’re reminded of the last moments Jesus spent teaching before his crucifixion.

In the past weeks, the scriptures used in worship emphasized the need for preparation, echoing the parable of the bridesmaids and the parable of the talents. Today’s discourse from Matthew 25:31-46 delves into the final judgment when all nations stand before Christ. The pivotal moment arrives as the King separates the gathered into sheep and goats based on their acts of love and compassion.

The sheep, placed on the right, are invited into the Kingdom for their acts of kindness. Their response stems from genuine love for God and neighbor. On the contrary, the goats, motivated by obligation, find themselves separated from the King.

Pastor Wayne draws parallels with an old Irish legend, emphasizing the king’s search for successors with a deep love for God and neighbor. The key, he argues, is the motivation behind our actions—whether they stem from love or obligation.

He addresses the potential danger of judging others based on their responses to those in need. The liberating aspect, Pastor Wayne contends, lies in responding out of overflowing love and grace, living into our calling as disciples of Christ.

The sermon concludes with powerful stories, including one about Mother Teresa seeing the face of Jesus in those she served. The central message: by seeking the face of God in everyone we meet, we can respond to the needs around us with transformative love. Christ the King Sunday, as presented by Pastor Wayne, becomes a call to liberate ourselves through genuine, compassionate actions.