Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving

Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving

With apologies that there is no recording of the sermon this week, I forgot to plug the recorder into the sound system. Here is a synopsis of this week’s sermon on Psalm 100.

The sermon on Psalm 100 emphasizes the interconnectedness of gratitude and joy. The speaker argues that gratitude and joy are intertwined and often indistinguishable, presenting a chicken-and-egg scenario. The sermon uses Psalm 100 as a backdrop, noting its unique characteristics and how it defies simple categorization. The superscription, “a psalm of thanksgiving,” is explored, suggesting that gratitude encompasses both a general sense of thankfulness and a sacrificial commitment to God.

The sermon encourages a lifestyle of gratitude that goes beyond mere words, extending to every aspect of life. The act of entering gates with thanksgiving is metaphorically applied to various life situations, emphasizing gratitude for family, abundance, and encounters with others. The concept of a “joyful noise” is broadened to include actions and presence, challenging the cultural norm.

The psalm’s imperatives—Worship, Enter, Give thanks, Make a joyful noise—are discussed, with a unique emphasis on the imperative to “know.” The knowing is described as recognizing that the Lord is God, emphasizing the boundless relationship between God and humanity. The sermon underscores the idea that this knowledge is the driving force behind joyful gratitude.

The conclusion of the psalm emphasizes the goodness of the Lord, the enduring steadfast love, and faithfulness across generations. Overall, the sermon encourages a worship-centered life marked by gratitude and joy, grounded in the knowledge of belonging to a God whose love and faithfulness endure forever.