Messages from July 2023

Messages from July 2023

Shine Like the Sun

On this eighth Sunday after Pentecost we are once again hearing Jesus share a parable about a farmer and crops. This time he’s talking about weeds and productive seeds occupying the same space and he tells us that the Kingdom of Heaven is like this. What? Join us as Pastor Wayne takes a look at this parable. The scriptures this week are Genesis 28:10-19a, Psalm 139, Romans 8:12-25, and Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43.

Seeds in the Dirt

Jesus is telling stories again. In this story, Jesus is telling stories about a farmer sowing seeds. The farmer is God. The dirt? Well, that’s us. Some good dirt. Some bad dirt. Some seeds flourish. Some don’t. We’ve heard it all before. But what about the sower? That sower is pretty extravagant in the way that he spreads those seeds. Join us as Pastor Wayne looks at the sower and the amazing grace that is showered upon us.

Taking a Yoke

What does it mean when Jesus says, “my yoke is easy and my burden is light?” Join us as we explore what it means to be yoked with Jesus.

Quenching A Thirst

What does it mean to offer a cup of cool water to the little ones? This is Jesus providing instruction to the disciples prior to their first mission trip. Our scriptures this week are Romans 6:12-23, Psalm 13, Matthew 10:40-42.  We are all called to live out and live into a radical hospitality. What does that mean for us as individuals? As a congregation? How is McFarland living out radical hospitality now?