Nothing Can Separate

Nothing Can Separate

More Than Conquerors

Today’s message based upon Romans 8:26-39 reminds us that nothing can separate us from God’s love through Christ. This is a message that we need to hear in this time of pandemic when a virus is separating us from one another.

Creation Waits

“Creation Waits” is the sermon this morning as we continue our series “Nothing Shall Separate Us.” This series takes us on a deep look at Romans 8. This morning, our focus is found in Romans 8:12-25 with the title’s focus on Romans 8:19. Basically, we are all in this together.  We are part of God’s creation… God’s good creation. Our task is to be the caretakers of God’s creation. Paul’s emphasis throughout the letter to the church in Rome challenges…

Set Your Mind

Join us as we begin a new series, “Nothing Can Separate” based upon the lectionary epistle text of Romans 8. This week, our text is from Romans 8:1-11 as we focus on the thought of setting our minds on Christ. What does this mean? How do we do this? Pastor Wayne explores this in his sermon for this morning. Thank you for joining us for worship. You can find the worship bulletin for this morning here. We would ask that…