Messages on Exodus

Messages on Exodus

Stiff Necked People

God has had it with “stiff necked” people. When God sees the people convincing Aaron to created a golden calf so that they can worship it, God goes into a rage. But Moses stops God and reminds God of his desire for a relationship with God’s people. He asks, why would you want to destroy your people after you have brought them out of Egypt with “great power and a mighty hand?” And God changed God’s mind. We live in…

Fruits of the Spirit

Today’s text combines a look at the 10 Commandments with the parable of the wicked tenants. It examines the question of what is God wanting from us and how do we respond? Our lessons today are:Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20Psalm 19Philippians 3:4b-14Matthew 21:33-46

Who Am I?

Moses was hiding out in the wilderness when he encountered a burning bush that was not being consumed by the fire. At this miracle bush, Moses encountered God and received his marching orders to “tell old Pharaoh to let my people go.” Peter had just received high praise from Jesus, “upon this rock I will build my church…” he said. But then when Peter objected to the future that Jesus was describing to the Disciples, he hears “get behind me,…

All These Words

“All these words” is the opening to the text from Exodus regarding the Ten Commandments. What if these ten words from God were treated as a description of who we are and can be rather than an order? How would our relationship with God change? How would our relationship with all people change? Join us as we worship this morning on this Third Sunday in Lent. We will share the sacrament of Holy Communion this morning. We invite you to…

What is it?

Just a couple of weeks in and 40 years to go. We’re talking about the Israelites and their grumbling that Moses has led them into the wilderness to die. Not only are they complaining, they are waxing nostalgic about their life in slavery. You’d think that after all they have been through and all that God has done for them so far, you’d think that they would trust in God and lean on his promises. We know that WE would…

Into the Sea

Like the Israelites, we wander in the wilderness. But God is with us, even when God is silent. Our sermon: Into the Sea. The scriptures: Exodus 14:19-31 & Exodus 15:1b-11, 20-21.

Praises and Swords

Anger is an emotion that can tear us apart. However, righteous anger can lead to transformation that brings us closer to the kingdom of God. Our scriptures are Exodus 12:1-14 and Psalm 149. Anger leads us into the wilderness where transformation can take place.