Update: July 25, 2022

Update: July 25, 2022

Hey McFarland! Pastor Wayne here with an update.

It is hard to believe that we are almost finished with July. I hope that you are staying cool in this heat. I want to share a few things with you for your consideration:

  1. Homecoming will be held this year on Sunday, August 28. The Reverend Laura Trent who was appointed to McFarland from 2000-2001. We will worship together at 11:00 a.m. and then we will gather in the Fellowship Hall for a covered dish dinner. Please make plans to join us, bring your favorite dish to share, and invite someone that you would like to see again.
  2. The Prime Timers will meet on Thursday, August 18 at 6:30p.m. in the Fellowship Hall for a covered dish meal with entertainment following by Lon Eldridge. Here is a bit of publicity about Lon:

    Lon Eldridge is often said to have talent and style well beyond his years. His warm and infectious musicality is sure keep you tuned in throughout the night, coupling masterful fingerstyle guitar with clever, brilliant vocals. You’ll swear there’s more than one person playing on stage! Lon has toured North America, Europe, and Asia taking his unique blend of traditional pre-war blues, ragtime, and swing to whole new audiences. This is a show (and a moustache) you definitely don’t want to miss!

    Lon began playing guitar at the age of thirteen, and it quickly grew into a passion and an obsession. Lon’s playing style is one of intricate fingerstyle guitar work, evoking the spirits of Mississippi John Hurt, Robert Johnson, Blind Blake and countless other musical masters. Alongside this is a calm, cool stage demeanor that would lead you to believe he’s actually sitting in an arm chair in your living room, rather than on a stage. An avid collector of 78rpm records, Lon spends most of his free time tucked away with his ear glued to a Victrola horn.

  3. Most of you are familiar with Kal Mason. Kal is in need of some assistance to get dentures. A friend of his has set up a GoFundMe account to raise money to help. If you would like to offer some assistance, please click this link to be taken to his account. Any assistance would be appreciated.

That about does it for now. Stay cool in this heat. Hope to see you in worship on Sunday.

Pastor Wayne