Beginning a New Year

Beginning a New Year

It is hard to believe that my first year with you has finished and we begin a second year together​​ on​​ July 1. In this first year, I have gained an appreciation for who you are and I hope that you have gained an appreciation for who I am. At least I hope that you have gained a tolerance for my warped sense of humor. This first year has been a challenge for me as I transitioned from an appointment that I had served for 10 years with people who had become more than family to me. Another challenge was wrapping my head around the difference between the rural poverty that I had lived with in Dade County versus the urban poverty that is all around us here at McFarland. I was telling Charlene the other day that McFarland has become home and I look forward to serving here as long as you and the Bishop will​​ let​​ me.


Now, we continue the task before us to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we seek to be the people that God calls us to be here in the Rossville community. I covet your prayers as we continue to move forward together. During the month of June, we concentrated on​​ remembering​​ who we are as​​ Christians in the Wesleyan tradition. That concentration will continue through July.


I invite you to participate in our online outreach programs. If you are on FaceBook, please like the McFarland United Methodist Church page. We communicate a lot of information through this page. I invite you to bookmark our website:​​ Our website is our front porch in this digital age. Here you can find information on all of our ministries, submit prayer requests, give tithes and offerings online, and listen to sermons from our worship services.


There are lots of good things happening here at McFarland UMC. Come and be a part of a new wave as we continue to serve Christ here in Rossville.



Pastor Wayne