Posts from March 2019

Posts from March 2019

All Things New

The plan was a good plan. But, like any good plan, there are always complications. Our plan for March 31, the first Fifth Sunday of the year was a good plan. After months of uncertainty, conversations with insurance folks and remediation folks, and settling upon a plan to renew the Fellowship Hall space, the plan looked good. It looked like something we could accomplish. It looked doable. But, alas, it was unworkable. Aaron, our renovation contractor, and his crew did…

Spring Break

Charlene and I are out of town this week taking advantage of her Spring Break. In my absence, the Reverend Laura Trent will preach on Sunday, March 24. Please come and support Laura as she brings the Word of God to you in Sunday worship.

2019 Lenten Devotionals

The Holston Conference Communications staff and the Clergy Services team have joined forces with our District Superintendents and the members of the Board of Ordained Ministry to offer a series of devotions for this Lenten Season. You can find a link to the devotional web page here. From the web page, you can subscribe to a daily email of the devotional, or link to the devotions that have been published. Gary Grogg and I are both contributors to this devotional…